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Marelux Smart Optical Flash Tube (SOFT)

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Author : Marelux
Update time : 2022-05-04 13:15:55

After receiving highly positive test results of Marelux SOFT from underwater photographers around the world, Marelux proudly announces that SOFT is a very promising new product for the underwater market.


1. SOFT has a built-in high quality LED aiming light. With its own battery supply (an 18650 lithium battery), SOFT can support the aiming light and auto switching on/off control system to work continuously for over 20 hours so that there is no need to use the pilot/aiming light on the strobe. Most popular strobes in the market only can work around 30-40 minutes when keeping its pilot/aiming light on. So Marelux SOFT will enable photographers to shoot far longer time without changing batteries of the strobes.

2. SOFT has a unique optical design whereas its lens allows more light to go through the structure comparing to other optical snoots in the market. So photographers can use lower power level on the strobe to achieve good exposure result.

3. For most snoots in the market, optical or non-optical, if the strobes don’t have pilot/aiming lights in the center, then they cannot aim correctly making it very difficult to let the strobe flash hit target precisely. SOFT has its own built-in pilot/aiming light in the center. In addition, the shape and size of pilot/aiming light beam are very similar to that of the strobe flash. So photographers will be able to estimate the effect of strobe flash from the aiming light spot.

4. SOFT has an aperture built inside. By turning the knob that’s connected to it, users can adjust the size of aiming/light and strobe flash. Comparing to other snoots using a card with several holes on it, this is a very innovative and far more efficient way to change the diameter of flash beam.

5. SOFT has a very sturdy dock connecting to strobes. It’s super easy to attach or detach the dock underwater by simply pushing a button and turning 90 degrees.

6. SOFT has a sophisticated optical design. When shooting the object in a short distance, SOFT generates the light spot from its 170 lumen aiming light that’s actually much brighter than that of other optical snoots even with 500 lumen pilot light from the strobe. So SOFT is much more energy efficient and can allow photographers to shoot longer time and far more photos.

7. SOFT is oxidated with black color in order to avoid reflecting strobe light onto the target.

8. SOFT has its own ball mount which can help to achieve better balance when installed on strobes.

9. SOFT has a floating ring surrounding its shaft, providing around 160g buoyancy and good balance so photographers will feel little weight of SOFT when underwater. 

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